KARISHMA – Online Package For Driver Tracking Module

Product Features


1. Once a duty slip is prepared a message automatically goes to the driver on his mobile, he accepts the duty

2. He enters the open kms.

3. When he picks up the guest he enters the pickup kms

4. When he drops the guest he enters the drop kms

5. Takes signature of the guest on his mobile

6. When he comes to the hotel he enters the closing kms

7. System then prompts him to enter the parking and toll charges.

8. The duty then gets closed

9. Time is calculated from the mobile device


1. Once the duty is closed the travel desk executive has to click on close duty.

2. The kms details and time details ie open kms, close kms, open time, close time, parking charges, toll charges automatically get picked up from the details entered by the driver on his mobile.

3. Guest signature is also stored in the duty slip

4. Bill is automatically prepared

5. Route taken by the driver is picked up.

6. To cross check whether the driver has entered proper open and close kms our system calculates the kms entered by the driver and the actual kms the vehicle has travelled as per google maps.

3.ADDITIONAL FEATURES : Two types of driver and cars can be created

1. Permanent

2. Temporary (in case if a temporary car is created then you would get a option to define for how many days you want him in the system)

3. The ROUTE data would be stored in the system for 15 days


1. You should have a internet connection

2. Driver should have Android phone ver 4 and above with  internet connection on his mobile


1. We have a leased line to give you continuous internet connectivity.

2. Server maintenance will be done by us.

3. Data backup would be done by us twice daily.

4. Services would be offered to you 24/7