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KARISHMA – The Complete Package For Car Rental Services


  1. This package takes care of all your Accounting requirements right upto Balance Sheet, including Bank reconciliation.
  2. Bookings, Duty Slip Printing, Bill Printing,
  3. Tariff Rate Master: This option helps you to enter all your rate contracts with your customer’s i.e. customer wise, car wise, destination wise details.
  4. Reminder letters for payment collection including the details such as Used by & Booked by is mentioned in the letter.
  5. Covering letter for forwarding your Bills to your customer.
  6. Drivers Duty Register.
  7. Profit & Loss Account Car wise can be generated through this package.
  8. Car wise business & Car wise fuel consumption along with Average Kms/ltr.
  9. Car details like Owner’s Name, Purchased from, Hypothecated to, EMI, RTO    tax, Insurance, Fitness, Permit, Authorization, PUC, Other State Tax etc.
  10. Maintenance.
  11. Preventive Maintenance (Km wise and date wise).
  12. Multiple Duties and Multiple Cars can be billed in one Bill.
  13. Tabular monthly Profit & loss a/c., Carwise Business, Territory wise sales,  can also be generated.
  14. Multi Branch operations with a facility to merge data of multiple branches.
  15. Option to send sms to booker, user and driver.
  16. Option to print placards.






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