KARISHMA – The Complete Package For Automobile Workshop

Project Features

1. Job card for warranty repairs or charged billing or Free of Cost billing.

2. Bar Coding of your Products.

3. Billing.

4. Accounts right up to Balance Sheet.

5. Part no wise Stock Statements, Stock Ledgers & Stock Valuation (Weighted Average, FIFO & LIFO basis), Reorder Level Reports.

6. Reminder Letters for Outstanding.

7. Reminder letters for Services due etc.

8. Party wise bill wise outstanding.

9. Vehicle Analysis.

10. Vehicle Status Report.

11. Job card Register.

12. Daily Summary Sheet (cash receipts, cheque receipts, job card billing, counter sales billing, purchases etc for the day or month or full year ).

13. Estimate can now be created for insurance companies / customers.

14. Customer Satisfaction Index report (CSI).

15. Graphical Output of your Data.

16. Purchase Order.

17. Mechanic Wise Output.

18. Job wise Labour income.

19. Vehicle Status Report.

20. Coupon Billing (Dealer Billing For Free Services done on their behalf).

21. Cost Centre Analysis (you can now get your Department wise profitability).

22. Month wise Tabular Profit & Loss account in a single sheet.

23. GST Register.


25. And many more.