About Us

Karishma Computers is a 32 year old  Indian Software Development Company which has built up a impressive clients list in India and Africa and having office in Mumbai and Delhi. Today with increasing competition Companies are becoming software dependent, and are developing & capitalizing on strong software capability. It is increasingly the mantra for competing in the new economy. Karishma Computers brings in its 29 years of experience in software development services and Software Products to deliver maximum quality and value to the customer. Every client is equally important to us and it does not matter where you are located. We make every effort to adjust to your time zone and internet has made geographical boundaries disappear. Whatever market gurus may call this – out sourcing , software development outsourcing or offshore development but internet has made us a global community where we can benefit from each others expertise without caring about the distance and time zone.

If you are looking out for a reliable long-term partner, service oriented company in the areas of Software development, Software Products, then Karishma Computers is your best choice. Please acquaint yourself with the detailed information on our company that is presented on this site, and write to us if you wish. We strive to constantly optimize our operation and expand the selection of services we offer, and we will be very happy to discuss your ideas.